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How did I get here??!

My love affair with yoga began in 2008 on a holiday in Goa. I was open to the idea of yoga but did not expect such a life-changing experience. The physical and mental challenges I overcame in that short period changed my whole outlook on life and my body. Upon returning to the UK, I began practising yoga 3 times per week. Ever since, I have spent much of my free time pursuing my love for yoga... experimenting with many styles including Hatha, Bikram, Ashtanga and Kundalini.

When I started my yoga journey, I was not fit, flexible... or particularly spiritual. Yet this incredible practice has enabled me to grow into my body and mind. Yoga has taught me to admire and respect my body for the amazing things it can do. It has also opened my eyes and heart in more ways than one.

In August 2012, I fulfilled a desire that had been growing stronger and stronger, to explore yoga in a deeper way. I spent 5 weeks in Mysore, India - the home of Ashtanga yoga, completing a Yoga Alliance accredited RYT200 course. When I travelled to India, I was doing so to enhance my own practice but I left blessed with the knowledge and skills to share the amazing empowerment yoga has brought to me.

I have since trained in Yin yoga and regularly attend professional development workshops and retreats to enable me to deepen my own practice and give more yoga insight to my own students. I have particular interest in yoga for back pain and yoga for athletes and regularly seek out new yoga techniques and styles in these fields. I have taught in Kenya, Italy and Ibiza and look forward to running retreats this year!

Most recently I have deepened my knowledge of movement, anatomy and wellness by qualifying as a personal trainer. to find out how yoga and strength/fitness training can work together please visit my personal training website:


I am registered and insured with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK 

Associate Teacher - Level 2 

Their stringent standards ensure registered Yoga Teachers are legitimate and have trained to the highest of standards. This ensures peace of mind to yoga students that their teacher will be knowledgeable, safe and experienced. 

Lucky me - I taught here, on the equator overlooking the lily pond

I spent one year teaching yoga in Nanyuki, Kenya