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My antenatal classes are designed to be accessible for complete yoga beginners. Everyone is welcome - from 16 weeks until labour!

We use fluid, organic movements which free your body and help relieve aches, pains and any feeling of heaviness. Much attention is paid to releasing the hips, strengthening the pelvic floor and calming the breath - to enable you to have a comfortable pregnancy - but also to help you during birthing. Many women find that yoga helps them sleep easier and are able to ease the restlessness and discomfort that can come along with pregnancy.

Pregnancy yoga classes are available in 6 week blocks 

(although you may join us at any time, provided there is space).





When can I start pregnancy yoga? Anytime from 16 weeks. The sooner the better! The longer you practice yoga before birth, the more natural the breathing and movement becomes - meaning you can use these techniques without really needing to think during labour.

Do I need to have done yoga before? Absolutely not!! This style of yoga is simple and open to all. The movements are specifically designed to be accessible for heavily pregnant women - so don't worry about not having any experience.

What do I need to bring?

We use props and blankets to ensure you feel supported, safe and comfortable. Therefore please bring along a few cushions and blankets from home.

What should I wear? You do not need any 'snazzy yoga wear'!! I just want you to be

comfortable. Leggings,  joggers or even PJs are perfect. 

What if I miss a class? All classes are payable in a 6 week block. Unfortunately missed classes are not refundable unless baby is born!



If you already have a yoga practice but want to know how to safely continue during pregnancy, a 1-2-1 session will give you the confidence in knowing what is safe and what to avoid. You can also learn additional breathing techniques and postures which may be new to you but will be helpful during pregnancy and labour.